• Pinpoint PROFINET cable faults (RJ45, M12, Fibre)
  • Easily configure nodes
  • Prevent network failures with the health check
  • Locate hard to find devices using the device blink
  • Find mis-configured devices using the NetMAP tool
  • Find rogue devices using the 48 hour event log

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The NaviTEK IE is a tester for commissioning, preventative maintenance and troubleshooting of PROFINET Industrial Ethernet networks as well as standard Ethernet IP networks.

Designed to simplify the process, the NaviTEK IE identifies network nodes and configuration without requiring a PC and speciality software. An easy to understand system health check pinpoints potential issues before they become network failures. Automatically discover cable, network or device configuration/faults with the touch of a button.

To prove the network has been commissioned successfully, NaviTEK IE provides professional PDF reports that can be shared with colleagues and clients using the free IDEAL AnyWare™  mobile app.



What does the NaviTEK IE do?

Pinpoint cable faults on copper and fibre cabling

Easily configure nodes to resolve connectivity issues

Prevent network failures with the health check feature

Locate hard to find devices using the device blink feature

Find mis-configured devices using the NetMAP comparison tool

Find rogue devices using the 48 hour event log

Create professional PDF reports for your clients

Send reports anywhere using the free IDEAL AnyWARE app

Pinpoint Cable Faults and Minimise Downtime

One of the main causes to network downtime is caused by cable faults. The NaviTEK IE has a series of advanced wiremap tools for PROFINET and standard Ethernet IP network cabling:

Copper Cabling

Using the RJ45 or M12 interfaces the NaviTEK IE offers a wiremap specifically designed for PROFINET Industrial Ethernet networks and Standard Ethernet networks.

• Displays the correct wiring colours for the protocol used
• Supported cable types – 4 twisted wires / 2 twisted pairs / 4 twisted pairs
• Measures the cable length
• Determine where and what the cable fault is including split pairs/opens/shorts/miswires.

Fibre Cabling

Using the optional SFP module the NaviTEK IE will test your fibre data cabling.

• Measures the optical RX power received to prove performance with supported SFPs
• Discover cable faults ie dirty connectors, breaks and bends that exceed specified loss limits

Why is NaviTEK IE better than other cable testers?

Accurate distance to fault using Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR)
Tests every wire in the data cable not every pair to help isolate issues that other testers cannot find
Supports standard and non-standard cabling as the wiremap can be customised to your specific cabling

Correct network issues using the discovery and configuration tools

The NaviTEK IE will discover the following list of faults:

• Incorrect device names
• Duplicate IP addresses
• Packet loss

If node configuration faults are found, easily correct them using the simple configure tool.

Discover mis-configured devices that cause a network conflict

The NETMAP comparison tool can also perform a scan of the entire network to identify all active devices and save this for comparison to future NETMAPS. This enables easy identification of new or removed network devices, incorrectly configured devices or configuration changes, such as those caused by automatic firmware updates.

Find intermittent issues with the event log

The NaviTEK IE will record key network errors for up to 48 hours including the following parameters. This will help determine if a problem is with the cabling, node, PLC or the
network configuration.

• Device status
• Input/output errors

Display and validate network node details quickly

The NaviTEK IE uses the following protocols to display the most important network node parameters.

• Discovery and Control Protocol (DCP)
• Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
• Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP)

Perform a health check to identify issues before network failures occur

The health check feature provides a quick indication of how each of your devices are performing with an easy to understand traffic light system. By clicking on each device you will see why your device is categorised as amber or red and corrective action can be taken.

Locate hidden or poorly labelled devices

Quickly identify a specific device with the NaviTEK IE by flashing its LEDs.

Test Reporting

NaviTEK IE automatically generates test reports in PDF or CSV format.

The summary page of each report can be customised to include logo, company and operator details. Choose between 3 different reports than can show either passed, failed or all test reports in each report:

• Summary
• Brief
• Full

NaviTEK NT Pro

• Display network configuration - IPv4 / IPv6 compatible
• Wiremap for miswires, split pairs, opens and shorts
• Distance to opens and shorts (TDR)
• PoE/PoE+ detection and load test
• Tone generator for cable tracing
• Autotest button performs Ping and Traceroute test (network mode)
• Hub blink for port identification
• DHCP client
• Switch speed detection -10/100/1000 Mb/s
• User-exchangeable RJ45 inserts
• Support for up to 12 wiremap remotes
• Backlit colour screen
• Autotest button performs a suite of network tests: Internet connectivity (Ping, DNS, Gateway, Traceroute) and NetScan
• Network Probe (NET TEST) provides detailed network information of each device
• Port identification using EDP/ CDP/ LLDP protocols
• VLAN detection
• Traffic utilisation bar graph
• Generate test reports (PDF or CSV)
• Send test reports from your mobile device using the free IDEAL AnyWARE App
• Logon using the 802.1x protocol
• Optical interface with power level and pass/fail indication with supported SFP
• Loopback mode for transmission testing on both copper and fibre interfaces
• Touchscreen
• Custom wiremap


All features of the NaviTEK NT Pro as well as the following:

• M12 PROFINET Cable Testing
• PROFINET Fibre Cable Testing
• Traffic light network health check
• Device LED flash to locate devices faster
• NETMAP compare – identify changes in the network
• Configure node settings without the need for a laptop
• List all network node details ie IP Address, Vendor details, Software version etc
• Ability to reset device to factory defaults
• Device alarm/error detection
• Professional Industrial Ethernet PDF Reports


Copper and Fibre Troubleshooter for PROFINET Industrial Ethernet Networks

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Where can I use the NaviTEK IE in my network?





NaviTEK IE – PROFINET Industrial Ethernet Tester.

1 x NaviTEK IE test unit, 1 x Remote unit No. 1, 1 x Rechargeable Power

Module, 1 x PSU EU/UK/US adapters, 2 x Patch cables - 30cm, Cat. 5e

STP, USB Wi-Fi adapter, 1 x Quick reference guide, 1 x Carry case,

2 x PROFINET RJ45 (m) - M12 (f) D coded 1m adapter cable (R151058)

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2 x PROFINET RJ45 (m) - M12 (f) D coded 1m adapter cable

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2 x PROFINET RJ45 (m) - M12 (f) X coded 1m adapter cable

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1 x 100Base-Fx SFP housing Media Converter

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1 x IDEAL amplifier probe

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1 x RJ45 insert extraction tool, 10 x lifejack RJ45 inserts

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1 x Full remote set (#2 - 12), - for #2 - 6 order set 150059

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1 x 850nm SX MM SFP + fibre patch cord accessories kit

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1 x 1310nm LX MM SFP + fibre patch cord accessories kit

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1 x 1550nm ZX MM SFP + fibre patch cord accessories kit

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Q: What’s the difference between NaviTEK NT Pro and NaviTEK IE?

A: NaviTEK IE has all the NaviTEK NT Pro functions plus Industrial Ethernet (PROFINET) test functions with M12 D coded adapter cables.

Q: Does the NaviTEK IE support EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT and Modbus TCP protocol?

A: No, the NaviTEK IE only supports PROFINET at the moment.

Q: Can I upgrade NaviTEK NT Plus/Pro to NaviTEK IE?

A: No, it is not upgradable.

Q: Why does the device scan take so long?

A: Each device can take several seconds to respond to the NaviTEK IE request via the SNMP protocol. Hundreds of devices in the network can lead to a long test time.

Q: Does the NaviTEK IE perform a Cat 5e/6A wiremap?

A: Yes

Q: Can the NaviTEK IE test a 100M optical link?

A: Yes when you use a 100Mb/s SFP media converter accessory (R151060)