Key Features

  • Software to manage test results from LanTEK II
  • Microsoft look and feel
  • >10,000 results managed in a single job
  • Professional reports in 3 easy steps
  • Import test results within 4 clicks




IDEAL Data CENTER (IDC) is the test result management software for LanTEK III cable certifiers from IDEAL Networks. IDC allows data cable installation professionals to easily download, manage, edit and print pdf reports. IDC offers a simple user interface with time saving features including; Microsoft ribbon toolbars; 4 button clicks to import data from the tester and 3 simple steps to create a professional report. IDC is the fastest management software from IDEAL Networks.


Easy to Use

To view detailed information of any result click on the “+” icon next to any record and it will expand to show full test details.

Easy to Access 'Detail Screen'

Easy to access detail screen shows cable tests through expandable menus.

New Summary

New summary screen, showing types of cable certified and total lengths per job.


New “SEARCH” helps you to search for individual tests in larger databases therefore saving time.

New Filters

New context menu allow the users to filter on any criteria including client, test outcomes or any other data within the database.

Grouping Test Results

New ability to group test results into categories including test limits, devices or any other data within the database.

Simplified Project Management

Uploading test results has been streamlined to save time. Easy to understand “Fuel Gauges” display how much space there is available to manage and store results.

Connect and upload directly from LanTEK II or III testers with just one button.



Q: Can you change the test parameters of results to those of a lower standard within the software?

A:This feature is not currently supported

Q: Is Windows XP supported?

A: IDC no longer supports Windows XP due to Microsoft withdrawal of support. The last supported version is IDC 1.3.2

Q: Where can I download the update?

A: Please visit

Q: How many results can IDC handle?

A: IDC can handle 14,000 results in one job

Q: What is the reporting format of results?

A: You can print and produce results in PDF ,XML and CSV formats

Q: Can you use cloud storage with IDC?

A: Yes, IDC can be configured to synchronise with Box, DropBox, Google Drive and many more services

Q: Can files be sent via email?

A: Yes IDC files can be sent via email, however standard email size limitations do apply.

Q: Is Windows 10 supported?

A: Yes.