Quick Setup Mode for LanTEK III® is Easy as 1,2,3


Quick Setup Mode for LanTEK III® is Easy as 1,2,3

A new Quick Setup mode has been introduced to the LanTEK III Cable Certifier from IDEAL Networks, to help make your job as a cable installer easier and more efficient.

In the new Quick Setup operational mode, the most commonly used functions for testing LAN cabling system performance (or its components and cables) now appear on a single screen. This makes it simpler than ever to configure your LanTEK III tester before you start the job, with the ability to update the user, customer, job, test standard and test name / number all from this one Quick Setup screen.

In fact, getting started with the new LanTEK III Quick Setup mode is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Step 1: Enter your user information

Enter the name of the technician operating the LanTEK III. To keep track of the cables tested, each technician should enter their name when using the cable tester. You can quickly select from a list of previously entered names by pressing F4 (select). You can also add the name of your company and the name of the customer you’re performing testing for.

Step 2: Manually selecting your operating mode

You can choose between three operating modes on the LanTEK III:

  • Prompt on boot
  • Always use Quick Setup
  • Always use normal mode

If you select ‘Always use Quick Setup mode’, you’ll then be able to enter it directly from the home screen, at the touch of a button. To select your operating mode, simply go to Preferences on the main screen, select operation mode and press enter, choose your mode, press F1 (select) and then press enter.

1. Choose Preferences from the main screen

2. Select Operation Mode and press Enter

3. Select a mode, press F1 (Select), then press Enter

Step 3: Choose your LanTEK III operating mode on boot

On new testers (or where ‘prompt on boot’ selected in the Preferences menu) when you start up your LanTEK III cable certifier, you’ll be prompted to choose an operating mode. Here, you can select ‘Quick Setup’ mode in seconds by using the arrow keys and pressing Enter. Or, if you would prefer to use the Standard Setup mode, you still have the option to do so – just choose whatever makes the job easier for you.

This new, intuitive Quick Setup operation mode has been developed to help improve the standard user interface and tester setup for a better user experience for cable installers and technicians. Download our Quick Reference Guide for Quick Setup mode now.

Learn more about the LanTEK III Cable Certifier or for further information, please contact us.

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