How the FT-45 plugs and crimp tool helps to overcome CCTV installation challenges


How the FT-45 plugs and crimp tool helps to overcome CCTV installation challenges

IP CCTV installation poses a challenge for installers, who must complete the job quickly, causing minimal disruption and avoid costly delays by completing cat5e and cat6 cable terminations correctly first time. To make it easier to install CCTV, the new FT-45 package available from IDEAL Networks includes the IDEAL FT-45 Feed-Thru Modular Plugs and Crimp Tool to enable fast and accurate CCTV system installation.

Terminate RJ45 plugs with speed and simplicity

Installers can encounter problems with field-terminated RJ45 plugs because the conductors must be trimmed to an exact length before the plug is placed onto the cable. If the conductors are too short, testing will reveal open circuits. If they are too long, the pairs could be left exposed outside of the plug body or cable jacket, hindering performance. They can also move out of place, unnoticed until the time comes for cable testing.

Easy RJ45 terminations

By making the termination of RJ45 plugs simpler than ever, the IDEAL FT-45 package eliminates the need to trim conductors to length first. Typically, plugs with closed ends are used for RJ45 connections, but the FT-45 Feed-Thru Modular Plugs feature open channels, enabling you to feed the conductors completely through the connector before crimping. The conductor order can be checked, and adjustments easily made if required. Then you can use the FT-45 crimp tool to trim and crimp the cable in one simple step.

Proof of performance

But don’t just take our word for it. Electrical contractor Cerberus Systems Ltd has experienced the benefits of the FT-45 package first hand.

Cerberus designs, installs and maintains intelligently configured and high quality electrical systems, IT networks, CCTV and access control systems. The company is now completing IP CCTV installations more efficiently, thanks to the new FT-45 Feed Thru Modular Plugs and Crimp Tool from IDEAL, which have improved the speed and accuracy of terminating cat5e and cat6 data cables with RJ45 plugs.

Nick Shone of Cerberus Systems said: “We’d been using electrical products from IDEAL, as well as IDEAL Networks testers, for years. I ordered this new solution straight away as I knew the upcoming job required multiple terminations in a very tight time scale. In this case, preventing mistakes and delays ensured that all trades had access to the site when required, so no additional costs were incurred by the client. It also keeps our operations productive and profitable.” See the full case study here.

The IDEAL FT-45 Feed-Thru Modular Plugs and Crimp Tool perfectly complement IDEAL Networks data cable testers, for a complete end-to-end solution. For more information on the FT-45 package, and the wide range of other test and measurement tools from IDEAL Networks, visit or contact us for more information.

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