DTX Cable Certifier Trade-In Offer Extended!


DTX Cable Certifier Trade-In Offer Extended!

Due to popular demand, IDEAL Networks will be extending the DTX cable certifier trade-in offer until 30th June 2019, giving you extra time to save up to £3,000 on a brand new LanTEK® III. If you own a DTX and are looking to upgrade your cable certifier, there’s no better time than now.

The more you trade in, the bigger the discount

Here are some examples of how much you could save when you trade in your DTX cable certifier for an IDEAL Networks LanTEK III.

Hassle-free data cable testing with LanTEK III

LanTEK III is designed with a host of features to save you time and money. As well as saving £3000 with our great trade-in offer, there are many reasons to choose the LanTEK III cable certifier:

  • Certify copper and fibre cable with the same cable certifier – now with an easy set up screen to make testing quicker and simpler than ever
  • Includes new PL adapters with field replaceable RJ45 contacts, keeping costs to a minimum
  • Test Modular Plug Terminated Links
  • Benefit from industry leading battery life for maximum productivity
  • Innovative troubleshooting features using Time Domain Return Loss (TDRL) and Time Domain Near End Cross Talk (TDNEXT) measurements
  • Easily share data cable and network test reports with colleagues and clients anywhere using the IDEAL AnyWARE app
  • Improve collaboration, complete more jobs on-time and improve cash flow!

Does your DTX need repairing? Trade up to a LanTEK III cable certifier

If your DTX needs repairing, don’t worry about fixing it. Instead, why not trade in your old cable certifier for a brand new LanTEK III?

Exceptional support with the Sapphire Care plan

When you trade in your DTX cable certifier for a new LanTEK III, you could also benefit from the brilliant support that the Sapphire Care Plan offers.

When you upgrade with IDEAL Networks you can save more than just £3,000 off your new data cable tester - with the option to access our all-inclusive support plan you can also save by managing maintenance effectively and eliminating unexpected costs.

What’s more, if you purchase your Sapphire Care Plan within 60 days of purchasing your LanTEK III, you will receive 10% discount as well.

To find out more about this special time limited offer and how you can benefit from the hassle-free and flexible data cable testing of a brand new LanTEK III tester, contact us today on +44 (0)1925 428 380 to speak to our dedicated team.

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