Partner Finder Upgrade Simplifies Certification


Partner Finder Upgrade Simplifies Certification

All new LanTEK® III data cable certifiers from IDEAL Networks will now feature a helpful Partner Finder feature to save time, reduce guesswork and simplify cable installation and troubleshooting.

With the new function, a result of a major hardware change, the LanTEK III certifier will now emit an audible alert to let users know when both the display and the remote handset are connected to the same port, such as when one technician is based in a server or switch room and the other is at the outlet. The installer with the display handset can then simply press the ‘Test’ button to test the copper or fibre cable.

With Partner Finder, communication between technicians is improved as there is no longer a need to contact one another by phone, or to shout across the site, to verify that both handsets are connected to the same port. This also reduces guesswork and is particularly useful in identifying mislabelled ports. The new feature also enables installers to move around the building to conduct tests more simply, increasing productivity.

On jobs where thousands of cables may need to be checked, there are clear time-saving benefits. However, Partner Finder will increase efficiency on jobs of any size. Even installers working alone will save time previously spent moving between the two ends of the cabling, using a trial and error approach to identify if both handsets are plugged into the right port before testing.

The introduction of Partner Finder is one of a number of recent updates to LanTEK III designed to further support busy installers with easy, efficient cable testing and certification. Recent software updates have already provided LanTEK III users with additional benefits such as a new Quick Setup mode which enables almost all configuration and testing to be performed from one simple screen, and the ability to test Modular Plug Terminated Links (MPTLs) using existing cat 6A Permanent Link and Channel Adapters.

To find out more or purchase the latest LanTEK III cable certifier, visit Those that purchase a new LanTEK III between 1st October 2018 and 31st January 2019 will receive a Networks Reward of a SignalTEK NT network transmission tester worth £1,615*.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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