Choosing the Best LanTEK III Cable Certifier Accessories


Choosing the Best LanTEK III Cable Certifier Accessories

The LanTEK III cable certifier is one of our most popular data cable testers as it meets international ISO/TIA certification standards and offers a wide range of troubleshooting features that enable technicians and installers to quickly detect cabling faults and minimise downtime. To help save time and money, a host of innovative ‘mix and match’ accessories are available to suit the user’s requirements for testing copper cable, fibre cable, or both.

Channel Adapter

Channel adapters can be used to test the installed cabling, plus the patch cords that connect the cabling to the networking equipment. In channel mode, users can certify the entire link.

We offer a choice of five channel adapters; the Category 5e/6 RJ45 adapter, the Category 5/6/6A High Performance adapter and the TERA, EC7 and GG45 Universal adapters, all for Category 7A cable. All are suitable for the LanTEK III series, as well as the LanTEK II.

Permanent Link Adapter

The Cat5e/6/6A permanent link (PL) adapters are used to test the installed cabling, plus the cable connection at the patch panel and the work area outlet. This is the most common test performed in the field because it tests the components that the installer is responsible for, not the patch cords (which the end-user of the network could change, invalidating certification test results).

To help installers keep maintenance costs and downtime to a minimum, the LanTEK III PL adapters feature field replaceable RJ45 contacts which eliminate the need to replace the complete adapters.

For maximum flexibility, the PL adapters feature centred connectors to ensure compatibility with all brands of Cat5e/6/6A/Class EA cable. Plus, the PL adapters use durable, ultra-flexible cable that allows the plug to fit into the smallest enclosures without damaging the PL adapter or the socket being tested.

Fibre Adapters

FiberTEK III adapters can be used with the LanTEK III and LanTEK II cable certifier series for quick and straightforward certification of high bandwidth single-mode and multimode fibre optic cabling. This includes optional support for encircled flux testing for users that need to ensure compliance with fibre cable testing standards.

FiberTEK III adapters use a built-in light source to visually pinpoint fibre cabling faults and make it easier to locate fibre ports. The adapters are available in multi-mode (850/1300nm) and single mode (1310/1550nm) varieties to suit different user requirements and support Tier 1 certification.

Opting for these adapters, which supports all common connector types, allows the LanTEK III to be for copper and fibre cable testing, minimising downtime and reducing costs.

Speciality Modules

We offer a number of speciality adapters, such as a coax adapter, options for testing Industrial Ethernet and an alien crosstalk kit.

Alien crosstalk is the interference caused by a pair of wires in one cable inducing noise into other pairs of wires in adjacent cables and can become problematic at frequencies greater than 300 MHz.

Our alien crosstalk kit enables installers to easily test and measure the interference between cables, using either the LanTEK II or the LanTEK III certifier. The kit includes 2 x dual-port adapters, 12 x terminators, 12 x 0.3m Cat.6A patch cables and 4 x 2m Cat.6A patch cables, as well as a convenient carry case and quick reference guide.

To select a cable certifier package that meets your specific job requirements and drives down purchase costs, click here to access the LanTEK III Quote Builder and customise your tester today.

Alternatively, for more information on cable certifier adapters and accessories, visit, or call +44 (0)1925 444 446 to speak to one of our specialist team members.

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