5 ways SecuriTEST IP improves CCTV troubleshooting and installation


5 ways SecuriTEST IP improves CCTV troubleshooting and installation

When faced with installing and maintaining CCTV security systems, you may find yourself having to switch between a whole range of different network testing equipment. With the new SecuriTEST IP CCTV camera tester for IP digital/HD coax and analogue systems from IDEAL Networks, this doesn’t have to be the case. Here are just a few of the ways that the SecuriTEST IP can help you improve productivity and overcome challenges using a single tester.

User-friendly CCTV troubleshooting functions and set-up

It’s now easier than ever to connect to IP or analogue cameras using built-in RJ45, Wi-Fi and BNC interfaces. The SecuriTEST IP features a hi-res, 7-inch touchscreen with simple to use functions that ensure only one tester is needed, even on complex installations.

The user-friendly SecuriTEST IP tester also offers a comprehensive range of CCTV camera set-up tools to ensure the camera is installed correctly, reducing installation, troubleshooting and maintenance time and eliminating guess work.

A CCTV tester with ultra-long Li-Ion battery life 

The handheld SecuriTEST IP’s powerful built-in battery successfully eliminates the need to use external adapters and injectors. Providing up to 10 hours continuous usage, you can easily supply power to cameras via PoE or standard 12V DC power. Alternatively, to reduce battery consumption, you can pass PoE directly from the switch on an active network to a connected camera.

Save space and time with the SecuriTEST IP

Save space in your kit bag and make working on lifts and ladders much easier by switching to the handheld SecuriTEST IP CCTV tester. With a customisable short-cut menu, faster camera login and hassle-free one-hand functionality, this compact and dynamic CCTV tester can speed up installation and troubleshooting whilst drastically reducing the amount of kit you need to carry.

Configure CCTV quickly with QuickIP™

Boost productivity with the intelligent QuickIP™ function that allows even novice technicians to configure IP cameras as quickly and easily as analogue cameras. For instances where dynamic IP addresses are required by the camera, SecuriTEST IP has a built-in DHCP server making setup easy and eliminating the need for additional network hardware.

Increase cash flow with professional CCTV installation reports

To help you increase cash flow, detailed, automated reports can be sent directly from the jobsite, allowing CCTV installation projects to be completed more quickly. Using the built-in Wi-Fi and the web browser, test reports can be sent directly from the intuitive SecuriTEST IP tester using email or your preferred file sharing method. No more time needs to be spent manually filling in Excel documents! Plus, reports can be sent directly to the customer or can be used to share information with colleagues based off-site to assist with quick and easy troubleshooting.

For more information on how the hassle-free SecuriTEST IP CCTV tester can support you with troubleshooting and installation, visit www.idealnetworks.net or contact our dedicated team for expert advice on +44 (0)1925 428 380.

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